EN AVANT! | Daniel Fernández Pascual | Partytopías y dominio público | martes 12 19.00


Vinculado con el tema del curso ‘Oportunidades de proyecto’ se inscribe este ciclo de charlas/eventos.  ‘EN AVANT! (activismos)’ reúne varios arquitectos y artistas con visiones au début (de su carrera, del siglo, del modo de operar tras la crisis), frescas, críticas y operativas.

Este martes 12 estará Daniel Fernández Pascual y presentará ‘Partytopias y Dominio Público’ con ‘geopolitical cooking/lecture’!

‘Partytopias y Dominio Público’

Daniel Fernández Pascual


Daniel Fernández Pascual (Spain, 1984) is an architect, urban designer and researcher focusing on the informal shaping of Space through legal loopholes. He graduated in architecture at Madrid ETSAM School of Architecture, Univesidad Politécnica. He also holds a dual MA degree in Science of Urban Design from the Technische Universität Berlin and the Tongji University Shanghai. Currently, he is a La Caixa Foundation fellow at the Centre for Research Architecture, Goldsmiths University of London, where he is conducting his MPhil/PhD research on Speculation, Sovereignty and Territorial Boundaries concerning the Spanish Real Estate crisis. He is also a member of the curatorial team of TICK Journal, run by the Institut Für Raumexperimente, Berlin. Since 2012, he runs a series of site-specific ‘geopolitical cooking/lectures’, which have already taken place at Berlin Performing Politics Festival, dOCUMENTA(13) and the Departure Foundation in London. He is interested in simple food. Not only because food shapes markets, and markets shape flows of capital, and capital shapes territories, futures and speculation; but also because territories shape governmentality, and governmentality shapes sovereignty, and sovereignty ultimately constructs living space. If space shapes human bodies, bodies may also have the power to affect contested laws.